Atlas' Eye

Atlas' Eye

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ascendency: The Crystal Stair

Such beauty awaits us
at the top of these
crystal stairs,
I must think this through,
Do I dare?
A calculated risk;
am I willing to take this?
Yes, I am sure
The notion of you
dominating… penetrating my
senses with you
cloying masculinity
The obscenities that would
escape these delicate lips
if I sigh as you slip
strong, loving fingers
around my vanilla neck
and squeeze…
Oh please say you'll
allow me one quick breath,
then the rest is
up to you;
fingertips against ribs
teeth grazing breasts
What sweet agony is next?
wrists bound or
legs spread as if paying
erotic homage to the
east… and west,
as I lay dressed in
your vision of
willful submission
Your ascendancy is clear
I beg of you, Sir…
please, oh please,
never resist that desire;
that fire that burns down deep
that beast which threatens
to creep from your depths
each time you look at me
I weep at the thought
of not being rewarded
with fist deliciously
nestled within these walls,
of freedoms and liberties denied,
of everything you've been
given pushed aside by
reality and restraint
I promise to make no
complaint or cry foul
I want this from you
right here… right now
After all, she is Yours…
she calls for you, you know;
moans your name
even when muffled by
circumstances beyond
her own control
I, she, we… wait for you
at the foot of the
crystal stairs
I give you my hand,
will you take us there?


I have a secret,
and I'm dying to share
Would you care to know
what it is?
You make think
I'm crazy or
just a bit hazy from
lack of sleep
or poor nutrition
It may even be
superstition in your eyes
but I've come to
realize that He
visits me in my dreams
Foolish as it may seem,
I've heard His voice
Felt His touch as
I've slept
He's crept into my room
or my midday nap
many times before
I wasn't sure if it was
really Him until
His fingers brushed
my flesh or His
voice called my name
But's always Him,
one and the same
Sometimes I don't
sleep well,
the swell of longing
heavy against my breast
He has come and laid
all REM demons to
rest with just
His aura at my side
I hide in His protection,
as He bids me
"Baby, sleep easy and
dream of Me"
Comforted by His
being there, and
without a care of
demons, dragons and such
I rest well, and
am grateful for His
soothing touch
I love Him for this,
so very much...