Atlas' Eye

Atlas' Eye

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lust's Limerick

Lust's Limerick

Lust is love sick;

sick for want of his dick

Drowning in thick swells

of feminine clit bliss

when dreaming of his

thick stick pressed

against her slit

Lust gets hungry quick

ravenous for his

Mandingo tricks

Legs tossed over shoulders

to make slits slick with

feminine nectar that

drips from steamy caverns

smoldering with desire

for his manhood so thick

Asses flipped high as

thighs are spread

and legs positioned for

maximum hip hits and

maximum dick pleasure

Breast and tummy slaps

clap right along with

cheeks and male/female

body connects

Balls wet with Lust's

creamy nec-tar reflect her

need to be equally pleased

Lust can never pick

between the art of

fuck or suck

because Lust always

hopes to luck up on

both… and toasts her

victory when she does

Lust can fuck and

she can suck with both

oral and vaginal prowess

Oh the mess she loves to

create when dick spits his

seed quick fast and

in a damn hurry into either

oral or vaginal spaces

Dick sometimes can't tell

which place he's been because

Lust's fuck and suck are

so untouchable by the

ill-skilled and/or

run-of-the-mill sluts

who can't fuck worth a damn

and couldn't suck wind

through a straw

Dick stands, then goes limp

in awe of Lust's unjust

powers of 'sexsuasion';

her sex used to persuade

him into comatose bliss

Her clit's kiss like

lethal venom and

her lips lick like

Death's puckered finality

Him asleep means

Lust's sickness finally

is cured…


1manview said...

Amen sister.. Very erotic. Showing your skill with this Limerick.

Reggie said...

Very nice!!