Atlas' Eye

Atlas' Eye

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Know

There is a hurt that
only certain sisters can feel
only understanding can heal
A hurt all too real
There is an immense sorrow
that leaves your heart so hollow,
it makes you crawl from
today into tomorrow
The pain of knowing
you've let Him down

Yes, Sister Dear,
I've done it too
so I know…

Your pain and anguish
have been mine;
that longing all the time
just to make Him smile again
Being angry with self
for nothing else but
disappointing Him
and feeling it deep
Sleepless nights marred
by dreams of what
you could have done
should have done
would have done
Days where you want lay
fetal and unmoving because
your heart so disapproving
won't let you do anything else

Yes, Sister Dear,
I've been there too,
so I know…

Your eagerness to please
will help to ease the
distance that you feel
He will smile for you like before,
but don't ignore the lesson
you've just learned
Even his smiles
must be earned,
Silence is a hurtful thing
but it can bring about clarity
if you listen intently to
what He doesn't say
Things will be fine
in their own time

Yes, Sister Dear,
I've survived it,
and you will too
Trust me, I know…


Reggie said...

Excellent post.

navypoet said...

I like this write, very nice Pen, Poet

1manview said...

Excellent piece...