Atlas' Eye

Atlas' Eye

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ballad of Osiris and Isis *REPOST*

For my Osiris...

forever Yours,


Fingers touch to flesh and

the familiar becomes

all too real…

The feel of heat as

something deeper than

soul connects;

Light reflects Darkness as

touch becomes caress

and caress blossoms into kiss

They were destined for this…

That familiar reality

sends a tingle to

clandestine places held

only for Darkness' pleasure

Her treasure molds to

welcome only Him

Rhythmic passion ensues

hues of golden umber, deep red

and iridescent blue tell of

their crest reached;

their Oneness is now complete

In rest, He holds Light's gift

in His strong hands, her own

help to keep it safe,

and He gives her the same

As twin souls lay claim

one to the other,they both discover

Darkness and Light within;

so the ballad of

Osiris and Isis begins…

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