Atlas' Eye

Atlas' Eye

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking for Oblivion

quietly seething
tired of reaching out
in the night for
that place where I
yearn to be
constantly believing that
no one can take me there
but you;
Tense yet subdued
Tightly wound
yet bound by desire to
a fire that burns bright
in distant lands
There, on the
other side of

Pulsating flesh
nestled within folds
of delicate skin;
chocolate peaks rise
against the backdrop
of cream flushed red
from the core temps that
soar into the heavens
Clouds heave from
the push of labored breaths
as deft fingers search,
but pale in comparison;
they know not
the road to Oblivion,
and belief in you
is strengthened..

Oh please,
Owner of my soul,
humbled before you
here on my knees
I cry out to you,
please help me find
that dark oasis hidden
upon distant shores
I can take no more…
Each attempt at
quelling the blaze
only makes it rage
that much harder and
mindscapes become
fodder for dreams
too vivid to endure
I am sure madness
will ensue if I don't
reach the other side
soon with you
My mental will
shatter like glass stained
by your memory
My loins will implode
and greedily feed on
their own hunger
Don't force me to wait
much longer…
You alone hold the key
Come share in
Oblivion… with me